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Let's meet the goal of 5,000 Ph.D. graduates

per year in South Africa by 2030

Today, there are about 2000 Ph.D. Students who graduate per year in South Africa. South Africa will not meet the goal of 5,000 Ph.D. graduates per year by 2030 on its current trajectory. Meeting this goal is essential to the long-term growth and success of institutions of higher education in South Africa.


Meeting this goal will not be easy, but through the support and collaboration of American institutions of higher education, it can be done.


Doctoral Pipeline 

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It's time to get to work to build the South African Ph.D. pipeline

The United States - South Africa Higher Education Network is committed to ensuring that South Africa reaches the goal of 5,000 Ph.D. graduates per year by 2030.


To support this work we are focused on the following core action items:

  • Increasing funding for tuition to put Ph.D. programs in reach for more students and to ensure students do not drop out because of financial challenges.

  • Significantly expand national Ph.D. production capability by increasing the number of academic staff for Ph.D. programs and relying on the support of American universities to train large numbers of high-quality faculty.

  • Utilizing partnerships with American universities to improve the attractiveness of Ph.D. programs at mid-tier South African universities, where in many cases there is the opportunity for significant growth in their Ph.D. programs. 

  • Partner with American multi-national corporations to create a stronger employment pipeline for South African Ph.D. graduates.

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